The history of the Trade Show

Trade shows have evolved over the years to what we see today. Nowadays, trades shows display new technology, services and give companies the opportunity to network with potential clients. Booths are decked out with iPads, strobe lights, and other interactive equipment, but the trade show actually comes from very humble origins.

They originated in medieval Europe when producers and craft manufacturers needed a place to sell their wares. They functioned almost the same way; a tradesman would create a booth and try to sell their wares to people walking by. They were a bit more forceful and in your face when trying to make a sale, but the idea is the same as it is now, trade shows brought together producers and consumers. They reemerged to the forefront in the 1960’s and have maintained popularity since then. Trade shows are more flashy and focused on bringing customers to the table than before, but the true soul of what a trade show is, has remained unchanged

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