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Top 10 tips for successful Exhibiting 1

Renting a trade show booth can be a useful marketing tactic for any business. However, it can also be a huge waste of resources if not done correctly. Check out this list of the Top Ten Tips for Successful Exhibiting. It has everything you need to know in terms of how to design your exhibit […]

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How to prepare for a successful meeting 2

A successful meeting starts with preparation. It may seem that an agenda is all you need, but in reality, we know that is not true. Meetings may come off as unnecessary or a waste of time and an agenda will not fix that problem. Here are a few ways a leader like you can prepare […]

Anaheim Job Fair

On Monday, August 6, 2012, the Business Expo Center hosted its’ first job fair brought by NewDay Career Fairs. NewDay Career Fairs host job fairs a few times a month while “working with you to create a better and brighter future.” Multiple companies attend the job fairs to find various candidates for their open positions. […]


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Conference Centers in Anaheim

There are many locations for conference centers in Anaheim. You can go big budget with the Anaheim Convention Center or small budget with the Business Expo Center, a venue designed for conferences. With all the amenities as the Anaheim Convention Center and a fraction of the price, The BEC is a smart choice to hold your next […]

Choosing Business Venues

Now you have decided what kind of conference you are going to have but now you need to find a venue. Most companies pick hotels with business centers to host a conference but have you ever considered an event venue specifically for business meetings? These business venues differ from hotels because they are designed to accommodate all […]

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