Anaheim Job Fair

On Monday, August 6, 2012, the Business Expo Center hosted its’ first job fair brought by NewDay Career Fairs. NewDay Career Fairs host job fairs a few times a month while “working with you to create a better and brighter future.” Multiple companies attend the job fairs to find various candidates for their open positions. NewDay Career Fairs also provide attendees with a resume consultant at every job fair to increase the potentiality of each candidate.

Job seekers ranging from 18 to 40 years old and holding various levels of degrees came from all over Southern California to attend this fair. Many learned about this job fair through online search or were received an email notification. All job seekers attended in a professional manner with multiple resume copies and dressed in business attire to impress each company. Job seekers were able to meet with each company to discuss future employment as well as learning about new products and services.

job fair, anaheim job fairThe companies that attended the job fair included: Aflac, Guardian, Arbonn, Forest Lawn, Mary Kay, 5 Hr Energy, Kangen Water, Guitar Center, LAPD, New York Life, Vi-Shape, U.S. Customs and Boarder Protection, and SW Merchant Credit Card Company. There were also job recruiters from IT Institute, University of Phoenix, and New Ridge College hoping to recruit job seekers into high education. Each company was tough in critiquing the applicants but were genuinely there to find people to fill their positions.